Best eSIM USA Travel Prepaid Plans for Travelers in 2024


With the much-anticipated holiday season and 2024 upon us, our last post on Best eSIM Europe recommendations was very popular, so we’ve put together a list of the best traveler eSIM to use in the United States, a country many people dream of visiting.

The USA welcomed over 51 million visitors in 2022, establishing itself as one of the most visited countries globally. Billions of people around the world dream of going to the USA, thanks to its vibrant cities like New York and inclusive culture. When planning your trip to the USA, there are several crucial considerations, one of which is how to stay connected while there. There are two main options to choose from: using roaming services from your local carrier or obtaining a travel eSIM.

However, roaming services tend to be exorbitantly priced and are likely to escalate your overall trip expenses. That’s why using a travel eSIM is a better alternative. Besides costs, eSIM has several other benefits that we will explore later in the article. Like most developed countries, the USA has a wide array of eSIM providers tailored for travelers. This offers you the flexibility to select your ideal eSIM provider based on your specific preferences.

Our goal with this article is to give you all the necessary information you need to know about the top eSIM providers for USA travel to enable you to make an informed decision. We will analyze the different eSIM providers based on factors, including pricing, network coverage, customer support, and user reviews on plans like TrustPilot. So, without further delay, let’s explore the list of the best eSIM USA prepaid providers.

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Summary of the Top Five eSIM Providers for Tourists In the USA

ProviderNotable FeaturesPrice Range (USD)
ESIM USAPurchase and receive online in 5 minutes
City-specialized plan 
No app download & contract
24/7 customer support
$2.90 – $180.00
with various options of validity and data
HolaflyHighly reliable, Various language supportFrom $19.00
AiraloApp based service, Easy top-up, Reliable support$4.50 – $42.00
NomadApp based service, Simple setup process$7.00 – $32.00
Sim OptionsNo app download, Simple setup process$9.90 – $39.90

The best eSIM USA Travel Prepaid Providers for Travelers


ESIM USA holds the top spot on our list for several reasons. First, despite its relatively short time in the industry, has earned a good reputation among travelers. Many travelers choose it because of its competitive pricing, extensive coverage, user-friendly eSIM installation, and reliable customer service. To ensure comprehensive coverage nationwide, ESIM USA partners with T-Mobile to enable reliable 4G LTE connectivity throughout the USA.

The process of ordering eSIMs from this provider is also remarkably smooth. By placing an order through their website, you will receive an email containing a QR code, allowing you to activate your eSIM in under five minutes. This hassle-free method is particularly convenient for travelers, as ESIM USA doesn’t require signing up, app downloads, or contract commitments. As stated earlier, this provider also has reliable customer support that will be ready to help if you encounter any challenges during ordering, activation, or usage of your eSIM.

Another distinguishing feature of ESIM USA is its range of city-based plans tailored to enhance experiences in specific cities across the USA. These plans apply to cities, including Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Hawaii, San Francisco, and Orlando. The good news is that for those not planning to visit the above cities, ESIM USA also offers several nationwide plans, catering to your diverse travel needs.

ESIM USA Pricing

ESIM USA offers several plans that may vary in price based on the city you intend to visit, data amount, and validity. Below is a summary of their major pricing plans.

PlanData AmountValidityPrice (USD)
eSIM USA Unlimited LiteUnlimited7 to 30 days$11.99 to $37.99
eSIM USA Unlimited BasicUnlimited7 to 30 days$17.99 to $55.99
eSIM USA Unlimited ProUnlimited7 to 30 days$25.99 to $77.99
eSIM USA Fixed Plans5GB to 50GB15 to 30 days$13.99 to $89.99
eSIM USA & Canada Unlimited LiteUnlimited7 to 30 days$12.99 to $41.99
eSIM USA & Canada Unlimited BasicUnlimited7 to 30 days$19.99 to $59.99
eSIM USA & Canada Unlimited ProUnlimited7 to 30 days$28.99 to $83.99
eSIM USA-Asia-Australia6GB10 days$15.99
eSIM Global Unlimited LiteUnlimited1 to 30 days$3.99 to $52.99
eSIM Global Unlimited BasicUnlimited7 to 30 days$5.99 to $83.99
eSIM Global Unlimited ProUnlimited7 to 30 days$8.99 to $117.99
eSIM USA City Plans
(Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Hawaii, San Francisco, and Orlando)
5GB to 50GB15 to 30 days$13.99 to $89.99

2. Holafly

Holafly is a reliable eSIM provider for travelers seeking countrywide coverage, not only in the USA but also across more than 170 other countries. Their partnerships with major USA carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon ensure robust and fast internet connectivity in various destinations within the country. The activation process for Holafly’s eSIMs is seamless, backed by responsive customer support to troubleshoot any encountered issues.

Holafly’s eSIM plans primarily focus on providing data access and can be conveniently ordered online without the necessity of sharing personal details during registration. You also don’t need to get into any contracts to get an eSIM, making the process a lot faster. Holafly has been used by many happy customers, evidenced by over 30,000 reviews on Trustpilot and an average rating of 4.7 out of 5. Most reviewers recommended this provider because of their quick eSIM activation process and reliable customer support.

Holafly eSIM USA travel Pricing

Holafly offers unlimited data plans that vary in price based on validity. The table below shows a summary of their plans.

Data AmountValidityPrice (USD)
Unlimited5 to 90 daysFrom $19.00

3. Airalo

Airalo, a global eSIM provider, has been used by over 5 million customers worldwide. This eSIM provider operates in more than 200 countries, including the United States, South Africa, the UK, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, EU countries, and several African nations supporting eSIM technology, Airalo offers extensive coverage. To order the Airalo eSIM, you will need to use their dedicated iOS or Android mobile app, which makes the process much more seamless.

Airalo promises its users a quick process for ordering, installing, and activating eSIMs. They promise that this process will take you a couple of minutes after placing your order. During ordering, you need to choose your destination and provide an email address, and an email will be sent with activation instructions that include an email.

When it comes to user experience, Airalo’s user reviews are mixed, averaging a rating of 2.6 out of 5. While some users commend its pricing and excellent connectivity, others express dissatisfaction, primarily citing issues during activation and unreliable customer support.

Airalo eSIM USA travel Pricing

With Airalo, you will have six plans to choose from whose prices vary based on data amount and validity. Here is a summary of the different plans offered by Airalo.

Data AmountValidityPrice (USD)
1GB7 days$4.50
2GB15 days$8.00
3GB30 days$11.00
5GB30 days$16.00
10GB30 days$26.00
20GB30 days$42.00

4. Nomad

Nomad is a well-established eSIM provider renowned among travelers for its reliability and extensive coverage. It operates in more than 165 countries, including popular destinations like the USA, UK, Germany, France, Malaysia, and Japan, and supports carriers with eSIM capabilities. The installation process for Nomad’s eSIM is seamless and doesn’t require extensive personal information or contract signing.

Nomad has an easy-to-use and intuitive mobile app (iOS and Android), allowing you to quickly order and activate your eSIM within minutes. Nomad collaborates with AT&T and Verizon to ensure comprehensive coverage across the USA, providing both 4G LTE and 5G internet in all states and cities. Regarding past user experience, Nomad has gained several positive ratings, boasting an average Trustpilot score of 4.4 out of 5 stars, based on over 2,300 reviews. Most users recommend it for its great pricing options and frequent promotions that make their plans even cheaper.

Nomad USA eSIM travel Pricing

You will have to choose from four major plans that vary in price based on validity and the amount of data you need. Below is a summary of what you will get with each plan.

Data AmountValidityPrice (USD)
1GB7 days$7.00
3GB30 days$11.00
5GB30 days$14.00
10GB30 days$18.24
20GB30 days$32.00

5. is another budget-friendly option for travelers seeking affordable data plans. Despite being relatively new in the eSIM provider landscape, operates in over 190 countries, encompassing regions like the United States, Greece, Italy, and several Asian and African countries. Their user base comprises over 10,000 customers, which is a great sign for a brand that is still new to the market.

The activation process for’s eSIMs is very seamless. To get started, you can visit their website, select a suitable plan, proceed to checkout, and receive an eSIM QR code via email post-purchase. This QR code can be scanned to activate the chosen plan swiftly in a few minutes. While lacks reviews on Trustpilot, positive comments from users on other platforms testify to the quality of their service. I would recommend choosing the cheapest plan to determine whether it is worth it before you commit. USA esim travel Pricing has only four plans to choose from. The table below shows details of what you will get at each price point;

Data AmountValidityPrice (USD)
10GB30 days$25.00
6GB30 days$21.00
3GB14 days$14.00
1GB3 days$5.00

6. Sim Options

Sim Options is another reliable eSIM provider that has been around since 2016 but started selling eSIMs in 2021. It currently operates in over 200 countries like the United States, positioning itself as a reliable eSIM provider with global coverage. One notable advantage is its straightforward setup process, distinguishing itself by not mandating the installation of a mobile app as the process can be done on its website. Orders for their eSIMs can be placed through their website, with the subsequent delivery of a QR code to your email for activation, a process taking only a few minutes.

This provider also doesn’t require sensitive personal information, offering users flexibility without contractual commitments. In the USA, Sim Options collaborates with AT&T, ensuring robust 4G and 5G network coverage in various cities and states. As far as user experience is concerned, their Trust Pilot reviews exceed 486 with an impressive average rating of 4.5 stars is another sign of the provider’s reliability. Users commend Sim Options for its cost-effective plans and reliable customer support, making it a favored choice among travelers. Let’s explore these plans below.

SimOptions eSIM USA prepaid Pricing

SimOptions offers eSIM plans for as low as $4.9. They have five main plans that you can choose from based on the data you need and validity.

Data AmountValidityPrice (USD)
1GB30 days$9.90
6GB10 days$17.90
10GB30 days$24.90
20GB30 days$34.90
6GB15 days$39.90

7. Mobimatter

Established in 2019, Mobimatter has steadily gained popularity in the eSIM industry, primarily due to its competitive pricing strategy. Partnering with leading mobile carriers in the US, Mobimatter ensures comprehensive countrywide coverage with reliable 4G and 5G networks. Activation of Mobimatter’s eSIM is a swift process.

You start by placing an order through their site or mobile app, which triggers the delivery of a scannable QR code to your email for seamless activation. Regarding the experience of previous users, Mobimatter has over 940 reviews, averaging a respectable 4.1 stars on TrustPilot. Reviewers appreciate the competitive pricing and commend Mobimatter for its quick activation process. Let’s explore their different pricing options.

Mobimatter eSIM USA travel Pricing

Mobimatter has one of the largest selections of plans with over 45 options to choose from. The table below shows details of their major plans.

PlanData AmountValidityPrice (USD)
USA 50GB50GB30 days$76.99
USA Plus 20GB20GB30 days$35.99
USA 15GB 3000 Minutes15GB30 days$24.99
USA Plus 3GB3GB30 days$4.99
USA Plus 1GB1GB7 days$4.49

8. Alosim

Despite being a relatively new brand with only one year in the eSIM market, Alosim operates in more than 170 countries with the United States inclusive. The other countries it operates in include the UK, Portugal, Italy, Mexico, Germany, and many more. One of the key factors driving Alosim’s rapid growth is its strategic partnerships with major providers, ensuring robust network coverage across the countries it operates in. Alosim partners with AT&T to ensure effective network coverage in various states and cities.

The activation process for their eSIM is user-friendly and digitally streamlined. Orders for their eSIM can be conveniently placed through their mobile app or website, eliminating the need for long-term contracts or divulging extensive personal information. Regarding the user experience as shown by reviews on TrustPilot, AloSIM has over 51 reviews and a 4.1 stars average rating, which generally reflects positive user experiences. Users appreciate Alosim for its ease of use, affordable pricing, and extensive coverage, making it a favored choice among travelers seeking reliable connectivity.

Alosim eSIM USA prepaid Pricing

Alosim offers five plans to choose from for US travelers. The table below shows Alosim’s major data plans and their pricing.

Data AmountValidityPrice (USD)
20GB30 days$42.00
10GB30 days$26.00
5GB30 days$16.00
3GB30 days$11.00
2GB15 days$8.00
1GB7 days$4.50

9. Yoho Mobile

Yoho Mobile is another emerging player in the eSIM arena with just over a year’s presence. It enables travelers to stay connected across over 200 countries, including the US, and countries in other regions, including Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa. To serve users in the USA, Yoho Mobile collaborates with carriers like T-Mobile to provide comprehensive network coverage nationwide. Activation of Yoho Mobile’s eSIM is swift, requiring only an email address for the delivery of the QR code and activation instructions.

Upon receiving the email, scan the QR code to trigger the eSIM activation process which takes a couple of minutes. Notably, Yoho Mobile stands out for its robust and easily accessible customer support available 24/7 via WhatsApp, ensuring prompt assistance. Regarding past user experience, Yoho Mobile has over 122 reviews and an average rating of 4.7 stars, indicating widespread user satisfaction. Many reviewers recommend this provider for its reliability and efficient customer service.

Yoho Mobile eSIM USA prepaid Pricing

Yoho Mobile offers five major data plans whose prices vary based on data amount and validity. Below is the summary of these plans

Data AmountValidityPrice (USD)
1GB30 days$5
3GB30 days$12
5GB30 days$19
10GB30 days$32
Unlimited30 days$87

10.  Sim Corner

Sim Corner has established itself as a prominent eSIM provider, thanks to its over 13 years of industry experience. This provider operates in more than 200 countries, including the USA, Mexico, the UK, and various nations in Asia and Africa. Sim Corner offers both eSIMs and physical SIM cards. However, we recommend eSIM if you want to enjoy benefits like a quick activation process. Sim Corner’s eSIM service stands out for its immediate activation upon order placement.

Their plans include data, unlimited SMS, and calls, catering to users requiring extensive communication services. However, acquiring these services might involve registering personal information for a phone number, unlike some competitors. Sim Corner has forged partnerships with major carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T in the USA, aiming to provide superior coverage and an optimized user experience.

When it comes to past user experience, Sim Corner has mixed reviews. On TrustPilot, this provider has an average rating of 3.7 stars from approximately 60 reviews. The negative feedback on this provider predominantly relates to physical SIM cards, with eSIM reviews being more positive. So, you will likely won’t have issues if you choose their eSIM services.

Sim Corner USA eSIM prepaid Pricing

Sim Corner offers several plans that vary in price based on the carrier, data amount, and validity. Below is a summary of what you should expect with each plan.

PlanData AmountValidityPrice (USD)
USA, Canada, Mexico – AT&TUnlimited30 days$62.00
USA, Canada, Mexico – AT&T15GB30 days$47.00
USA Unlimited – T-MobileUnlimited30 days$50.00
USA 10GB – T-Mobile10GB30 days$40.00

11.  Ubigi

Ubigi, a prominent player in the eSIM space, stands out for its extensive global presence, operating in over 200 countries, including the United States. It is recognized for its competitive pricing, which appeals to budget-conscious customers seeking cost-effective eSIM solutions. Ubigi’s multi-country access also caters to frequent travelers exploring diverse nations. Their coverage in the US includes both 4G and select 5G networks. However, 5G availability is limited to specific cities within the country.

The activation process for Ubigi’s eSIMs is streamlined and user-friendly. Orders can be placed through their website or mobile app, available on iOS and Android platforms. Following the order, you will receive activation instructions via email, often including the scanning of a QR code for quick activation within minutes on your devices. This ease of activation and widespread coverage make Ubigi an attractive choice for those prioritizing affordability and accessibility in their eSIM provider.

As far as past user experience is concerned, Ubigi is one of the top-rated providers with over 7,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.4 stars on TrustPilot.

Ubigi USA eSIM prepaid Pricing

Ubigi has 10 plans tailored for the USA. These plans are priced based on data amount and validity. Below is a summary of what you will get with each plan;

Data AmountValidityPrice (USD)
500MB1 day$2.90
500MB1 day$4.00
1GB7 days$4.00
3GB30 days$8.00
10GB30 days$19.00
24GB12 months$48.00
50GB30 days$69.00
5GB/month12 months$90.00/month
200GB30 days$180.00

12.  bnesim

bnesim is another reliable eSIM provider that we had to add to our list. Unlike most providers on this list, it offers both eSIMs and physical SIM cards to travelers. It operates across the US and up to 200 other countries around the world. In the US, their partnerships with AT&T and T-Mobile guarantee comprehensive 4G and 5G connectivity throughout the country. Bnesim eSIMs are easy to acquire and set up. You also don’t need to share extensive personal information or binding contracts to get an eSIM.

Ordering through their website initiates the delivery of a QR code to activate the eSIM via email. With over 41 reviews on Trustpilot and an impressive average rating exceeding 4.4 stars, bnesim has earned praise for its reliable support services and straightforward setup process. However, some users have expressed dissatisfaction with pricing, citing instances of being charged after the plan expiration. But overall, most were satisfied with their services.

Bnesim eSIM USA travel Pricing

Bnesim offers several plans that you can choose from depending on your travel plans. They have their much cheaper national plans that are tailored for the USA. They also give you an option to purchase regional plans. However, these region plans cost a little more than the national plans. Below is a summary of all these plans.

National Plans

PlanDataValidityPrice (USD)
20GB in United States20GB30 days$54.05
10GB in United States10GB30 days$30.59
5GB in United States5GB30 days$17.54
3GB in United States3GB30 days$11.22
1GB in United States1GB7 days$4.49

Regional Plans

PlanDataValidityPrice (USD)
10GB in Global10GB30 days$82.19
20GB in Mini Global20GB30 days$60.98
10GB in North America10GB30 days$54.05
5GB in Global5GB30 days$46.91
10GB in Mini Global10GB30 days$35.28
5GB in North America5GB30 days$30.59
10GB in Global10GB30 days$30.59
3GB in Global3GB30 days$30.59
5GB in Mini Global5GB30 days$19.99
3GB in North America3GB30 days$19.17
3GB in Mini Global3GB30 days$12.85
1GB in Global1GB7 days$11.83
1GB in North America1GB7 days$7.14
1GB in Mini Global1GB7 days$5.10

13.  Tello

Tello is an eSIM provider you can consider if you want to get the benefits of T-Mobile’s 4G and 5G internet while in the US. This eSIM partners with T-Mobile to ensure seamless nationwide 4G LTE/5G coverage across the USA, promising uninterrupted connectivity. It operates on a prepaid model like most eSIM providers on this list, which ensures transparency. This eSIM provider doesn’t require signing contracts or sharing extensive personal information to get started.

To order the eSIM, you need to visit their website, choose a plan, and then create a user account with them. After placing your order, activation instructions will be sent to your email. One benefit of Tello is that their plans come with both free SMS and calls. When it comes to past users’ experience, Tello has over 10,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars.

Tello eSIM USA prepaid Pricing

Tello offers several plans that you can choose from based on your needs. Below is a summary of their most popular plans;

PlanDataPrice (USD)

14.  T-Mobile

T-Mobile is one of the major carriers in the US with a user base of over 113 million users. It offers eSIMs to travelers through its mobile app just like most providers. However, accessing T-Mobile’s eSIMs requires downloading their app and registering for a T-Mobile account. This process involves sharing user information and signing contracts to obtain a plan.

Most travelers will not find this option very convenient, particularly for those prioritizing privacy and not sharing in-depth personal details or engaging in contractual agreements with US carriers. Getting T-Mobile’s eSIMs only makes sense if you intend to have an extended stay in the US rather than short-term travel.

Opting for other eSIM providers like ESIM USA is a better option for those wishing to avoid extensive personal information sharing or contract commitments typically associated with mainstream carriers like T-Mobile.

15.  AT&T

AT&T is another major telecommunications company in the USA. It also offers eSIM services for travelers, similar to T-Mobile. However, there are specific conditions and requirements associated with acquiring their eSIMs. Unlike some other eSIM providers on our list, AT&T might require signing a contract or sharing more extensive personal information during the registration or activation process. Fortunately, they offer relatively lower prices than most providers, but you should be ready to share a little more information than with other providers on this list.


Tips For Getting the Best Out of Your USA Travel eSIM

Now that you know the leading eSIM providers for travelers in the USA, let’s explore some tips for getting the best eSIM for USA experience.

Tip #1: Choose the Right Provider

When selecting an eSIM provider, consider various factors like pricing, network coverage across the USA, reliability of customer support, and any unique features that align with your needs. Analyzing these factors will help you make an informed decision about the provider that best suits your preferences and travel requirements.

Tip #2: Consider the Regions You Will Travel To

Some eSIM providers offer specialized plans tailored to specific cities. For instance, providers like ESIM USA have city-based plans optimized for particular destinations. If your trip includes these cities, opting for such plans will enhance your experience.

Tip #3: Purchase eSIM Before You Travel

Many eSIM providers allow pre-purchasing and activation of your eSIM before your trip. This approach ensures you have immediate connectivity as soon as you arrive in the USA, eliminating the need for last-minute setup and potential connectivity delays.

Tip #4: Track Your Data Usage

To manage expenses, it’s crucial to monitor your data consumption regularly, especially if you haven’t chosen an unlimited data plan. By keeping tabs on your daily data usage, you can avoid exceeding your allocated data limit and prevent unexpected additional costs on your trip.

Tip #5: Enable Notifications from Your eSIM Provider

Most eSIM providers offer notifications regarding your remaining data balance and the expiration date of your eSIM plan. Enabling these notifications through the provider’s app or website helps you stay updated on your usage and plan renewal, enabling better planning and avoiding unexpected interruptions in service.

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What people also asked about Best eSIM for USA

Can I buy an eSIM in the USA?

Yes, you can buy an eSIM in the USA from eSIM providers. You can make the purchase while you’re within the US or even before your travel. Many eSIM providers offer the flexibility to obtain their eSIMs remotely, allowing travelers to prepare ahead of their journey.

Which eSIM provider in the USA is the best?

Among the eSIM providers in the USA, ESIM USA is one of the top choices for most people. It’s known for its combination of affordable plans, comprehensive countrywide coverage, dependable customer support, and a hassle-free activation process. However, other providers like AloSIM, Airalo, and Holafly are considered excellent options, catering to various traveler preferences and needs.

Which providers offer eSIMs in the USA?

There are several reputable providers offering eSIMs tailored for travelers in the USA. Notable among them are ESIM USA, Holafly, and Airalo. These providers have established themselves as reliable options, thanks to their eSIM reliability, quality coverage, and diverse plan options suitable for travelers exploring the USA.

What is the price of eSIM in the USA?

In many cases, eSIMs themselves are often offered for free or included when purchasing a plan from the provider. While the eSIM itself may not have a separate cost, the pricing typically revolves around the data plans or packages that travelers select. Providers may offer eSIMs as part of their data plans or at no additional cost when purchasing a plan.

Can I activate eSIM outside the USA?

Yes, you can activate your eSIM even if you’re outside the US. You don’t have to be physically in the USA to activate an eSIM. Many eSIM providers offer the option to set up your eSIM before your trip. It’s like preparing your phone for use in another country while you’re still at home. This option allows you to get it all set up and ready to go before you even start traveling.

Can eSIM be used outside the US?

Yes, you can use your eSIM outside the US if your plan has that option. That’s why it is essential to check if your chosen eSIM plan supports multiple countries. This ensures your eSIM keeps working smoothly even when you’re traveling abroad, allowing you to stay connected wherever you go. Fortunately, most providers have multi-country plans that you can consider if you intend to travel beyond the USA.

Can you buy an eSIM directly?

Yes, eSIMs are purchased directly! You can easily purchase an eSIM directly from the website or app of your chosen provider. It’s like buying something online—just a few clicks, and you’re all set to get your eSIM. The eSIM activation instructions are sent via email, usually including a QR code that you scan to install and activate the eSIM.

Should I install the eSIM before traveling?

Yes, it’s a good idea to do so. Most eSIM providers allow you to install the eSIM on your phone before you start your journey. This way, when you arrive at your destination, you already have everything set up and ready to use. With an activated eSIM, you will instantly get connected to your provider’s supported network as soon as you land in the USA or any other country supported by your plan.

Can I activate eSIM myself?

Yes, you can install an eSIM by yourself. Activating an eSIM is a straightforward process that you can do by yourself. Typically, after purchasing an eSIM plan from your chosen provider, they’ll send you a QR code via email. Using your smartphone’s settings, you can scan this QR code your eSIM gets activated. Activating an eSIM is like setting up your phone for a new mobile network, but done digitally.

Do eSIMs have phone numbers?

Most eSIMs designed for travelers usually don’t come with dedicated phone numbers. This means you might not be able to make regular calls or send traditional SMS using these eSIMs. However, they do support other internet-based tasks like browsing the web, using apps, and accessing online services. If you specifically need a phone number for calling and texting, you might have to register with a local carrier in the US, which could take more time and involve additional formalities that most travelers find inconvenient.

Is there a downside to an eSIM?

eSIMs function just like physical SIM cards. Their only downside at the moment is that they aren’t compatible with older devices that were designed before eSIM technology became mainstream, which is roughly within the last six years. So, if you’re using an older device, it might not support eSIMs. However, newer smartphones and devices generally support eSIMs.

How much is an eSIM plan?

The cost of eSIM plans varies depending on the provider and the features included in the plan. You can find eSIM plans available for a wide range of prices, starting as low as $5 from some providers. To get the exact pricing, consider checking the specific offerings of different providers to find a plan that fits your needs and budget. The pricing for these plans largely varies based on data amount, validity period, and additional services.


This article has explored the different eSIM providers that you can consider for your upcoming visit to the USA. While most providers in our list share a similar activation process, there are several other factors that you can consider before making the choice. Considerations such as pricing, data allotments, data validity, user feedback, customer support, and carrier partnerships are crucial when making your choice.

After analyzing all providers, ESIM USA stands out as the best choice for US travelers. ESIM USA offers competitive plan pricing, reliable customer support, cost-effective city-based plans, and a swift activation process. However, you may also consider exploring some of the other alternatives we have shared, especially if you need niche features like SIM Corner’s offerings that include data and SMS in their plans.

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