eSIM Europe Fixed Data


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• 4G LTE high-speed for chosen data amount.
• Covers 42 countries in Europe.
• Get your QR code and activate it instantly.
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Instant Delivery

eSIM is sent via email within 5 to 15 minutes!

Plan details:

  After exhausting your selected data plan, data off
  Data-only plans, not including local phone numbers


Validity for 10 days



Validity for 10 days



Validity for 10 days



Validity for 15 days



Validity for 30 days



Validity for 30 days



Validity for 30 days


All our plans include
these benefits

4G LTE Data
42 Countries
Free Mobile
Top-up Options

eSIM Europe Fixed Data plans are available in the following 42 countries

Western Europe
Austria · Belgium · Faroe Islands · Finland · France · French Guiana · Germany · Gibraltar · Guadeloupe · Iceland · Ireland · Italy · Luxembourg · Malta · Martinique · Netherlands · Norway · Portugal · Spain · Sweden · Switzerland · United Kingdom (UK)

Southern Europe
Albania · Bosnia and Herzegovina · Bulgaria · Croatia · Cyprus · Greece · Montenegro · Serbia

Northern Europe
Denmark · Estonia · Latvia · Lithuania

Eastern Europe
Czech Republic · Hungary · Poland · Romania · Russia · Slovakia · Slovenia · Ukraine

What you can expect

High-speed data

Experience the reliable
4G LTE local network.

Instant connectivity

Get mobile data connection
in just a couple of minutes.

Keep number

Keep your current number
and use data with our eSIM.

Near-local rate

Goodbye to expensive roaming fees. No hidden fee.

High-speed data

Experience the reliable 4G LTE local network.

Instant connectivity

Get mobile data connection in just a couple of minutes.

Keep number

Keep your current number and use data with our eSIM.

Near-local rate

Goodbye to expensive roaming fees. No hidden fee.

150,000+ Travelers like you already used our eSIM

Join them now!
We have helped thousands of customers get hassle-free connectivity. Experience the easiest way to stay connected.

eSIM Europe Fixed Data plans cover 42 European countries

EUROPEESIM.COM offers reliable networks that cover over 42 destinations. You’ll be automatically connected to a local carrier as you travel between countries.

10GB of data is enough for travelers to enjoy using apps

Watch videos for 10 hrs

Google Translate
Translate a text 66,000 times

Google Maps
Search 25,000 routes

Send messages for 25 hrs

How it works

Get eSIM at your fingertips, Get ready for your trip!
Step 1

Pick a plan

Choose the plan that suits your travel needs and place an order.

Step 2

Scan the QR code

Receive the QR code via email and instantly scan it to activate.

Step 3

Ready to go!

Have a light and enjoyable trip without any data concerns.

Things to know

Check Compatibility

Before ordering, ensure your device is compatible and unlocked. Check our list of compatible models by clicking here. To briefly check compatibility, dial *#06# on your device and check that your IMEI or MEID is displayed.


Activation Point

Your data plan will start as soon as you connect to local network. You can scan the QR code and install the eSIM in advance. 24 hours is counted as 1 day and counted continuously from the point of service activation.


Expiration Period

Purchased plan can be used within 180 days from purchase. Since it is one-time prepaid data plan, once it is activated, there is no auto-renewals or extra charges.

To get in touch with us, ask eSIM World Team anytime via [email protected].

Frequently asked questions

Can I use Regionwide eSIM Plans everywhere in Europe?

eSIM Europe Plans work everywhere in 42 European countries. We select and offer the best data plans which provide the best regionwide coverage.
Click here to check the complete list of the coverage.

Can I check the supporting network for each country?

We select and offer the best data plans which provide the best coverage. Click here to see the complete list of the coverage.

Should I order and activate an eSIM before traveling?

You can purchase an eSIM at your convenience, either one day before your travel date or upon arrival at your destination.
Additionally, please note that to install the eSIM, your device must be connected to a Wi-Fi or a cellular data network.

Are voice calls and SMS available with the eSIM plan?

You cannot make phone calls or use SMS with this eSIM plan.
eSIM Europe Fixed Data plans are data-only and do not include a local mobile number.

After my eSIM data amount runs out, can I make a top-up?

We also offer a top-up service. You can find the “Make a Top-up” button in the email containing your QR code.

Are there any inaccessible mobile apps when using the eSIM plan?

Please note that due to the Hong Kong IP address provided by this eSIM plan, accessing restricted services like TikTok may encounter difficulties in the following countries:

  • Faroe Islands
  • Guadeloupe
  • Albania
  • Montenegro
  • Serbia
  • Russia

How can I get support from eSIM World Team?

To get in touch with us, ask eSIM World Team anytime via [email protected].

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews

eSIM Europe Fixed Data

We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced, but it appears there is no specific information provided in your two-star review to address, Artiom.
Customer feedback is crucial to improving our services, and we take all comments seriously.
To better assist you and address any issues you may have encountered, please feel free to provide more details about your experience.
We are committed to resolving any concerns and ensuring our customers have a positive experience.
Your input helps us continually enhance our services, and we appreciate your feedback.


Glad I did this. Great coverage.

We're thrilled to hear that you are glad you did this, Ernesy!
Our team is committed to providing great coverage, and it's wonderful to know that our efforts are appreciated.
We strive to offer the best service possible and it's feedback like yours that keeps us motivated.
Thank you for choosing us and for sharing your positive experience.
We look forward to continuing to meet your expectations in the future.

Rebekah Wilkinson

eSIM Europe Fixed Data

Leonel Ramirez
Great performance

I have a great performance during my travel in Europe, highly recommended. Just improve the way to activate the sim and update instructions. Thank you!!!!!

Thank you for your positive review, Leonel!
We are pleased to hear that our eSIM Europe Fixed Data provided great performance during your travels.
We appreciate your feedback and will work on improving the activation process and updating our instructions.
Thank you for choosing our product and we hope to serve you again in the future.
Safe travels!

Mary jo Woodfill

It works well just a bit hard to get set up. Have recommended to a friend meeting me in two days.

Thank you for your feedback, Mary jo.
We apologize for any difficulties you faced during setup.
Our team is constantly working to improve the process.
We are glad to hear that you have recommended our product to a friend.
We hope you have a great experience with our eSIM during your trip.
Thank you for choosing our product.